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The Sparklers - All The Prettiest Girls Go Straight To Hell

Come enjoy another rollicking collection of city and eastern swing, gutter pop mongrel ballads, junk country, a tinkers damn of sentiment, and a whole lotta shaking going on.


McCracken - Words and Guitar
John Douglas Smith - Words and Bass Guitar
Bob Enck - Words and Drums

Anthony "Jeeter" Collins - Fiddle on "Battleship"
Kerry Kenney - Guitar on "Upon Radar"
Andrew "Butch" Fullerton - Vocals on "Nancy" and "Moon"
Michael McLaughlin - Vocals on "Nancy", "Gatsby" and "Moon"

Recorded and produced by John Douglas Smith
Recorded in South Philly, U.S.A.
Mastered by Pete Rydberg at 1935

All songs written by McCracken and The Sparklers
except songs 4 and 6 written by John Douglas Smith and The Sparklers

Special thanks to The Vercruysse Family for their incredible generousity and Keri Dyrdahl-Smith for her (somewhat) unlimited patience

Photography by Michael Bixler

Cover layout and design by John Douglas Smith

2017 Death by Misadventure Music
2017 Bright Lights Big Smitty Music
2017 Radioball Records

The Sparklers - Crying at The Low Bar

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A song cycle about loss, losing, losering, the City of Philadelphia, and the weight of the human heart.


Brian McCracken - Words and Guitar
John Sheridan - Lead Guitar
John Smith - Bass Guitar
Bob Enck - Drums

Produced by John Sheridan
Recorded in and around South Philadelphia

All songs written by Brian McCracken and The Sparklers

Special Thanks to Jon Vital (drums on Bars and Plane), Jeff Cawthorne (drums on Train), and Heather Brann (vocals on Train).

Layout and design by John Smith and Brian McManus

Photos courtesy of Cody Short, Cher Bryant, Keri Dyrdahl, the McCracken, Sheridan, Milke and Enck families.

2011 Death by Misadventure Music / 2012 Radioball Records

The Sparklers - Fall Apart Heart


Brian McCracken - Words and Guitar
Joel Breen - Bass Guitar
Frank - Drums

Additional Musicians:
Chric DiPinto - Mandolin and Violin
Andy Shahan - Backing Vocals

All songs written by Brian McCracken

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Paul Smith
Recorded above Frank's Auto Body in South Philadelphia, PA

Layout and design by John Smith

2001 Death by Misadventure Music / 2001 Radioball Records